Children’s Homily on the Sunday of the Prodigal Son

The adults and older kids here can probably recite the story from memory: Jesus tells a parable about a father and his two sons. Although He doesn’t say this, the father is mean to represent God, and the sons are meant to represent two kinds of people. See if you can figure out which one you are.

Children’s Homily on the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee

As we begin the season of Great Lent—a season seemingly filled with rules and exhortations to be holy—the Church reminds us that following the rules is not what it’s all about. If Great Lent just makes us a better rule follower, we’re missing the point.

Children’s Homily on the Sunday After Nativity

Today, we celebrate Joseph for listening to God’s instructions and keeping Jesus and His mother safe. That was his job. Our job is to keep Jesus safe in our heart. So, what can we learn from what Joseph did?

Children’s Homily on the Sunday Before Nativity

This is a great time of year. We have Christmas and New Years, and we get time off school and work, and we get presents. But do you know what I like  best about this time of year? We get to see family members who we don’t see a lot. We get to see our cousins, and our aunts and uncles, and grandparents, and maybe even our great grandparents.

Tomorrow, we celebrate the birth of Jesus—the Nativity—and today, the Sunday before Nativity, we learn about Jesus’ ancestors—His family. That’s right. Jesus has a family, just like you have a family.